Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Behind the Scenes -- the judges and creators of OMTWI

Meet the Judges of One Month to Win It

All of the judges are former contestants on So You Think You're Crafty.  We know what it is like to we will see what it is like to run a crafting competition!

Check out Angie's blog for thrifty transformations, decor, crafting, and tutorials.  Angie is a full time working wife and mother to three plus she runs an etsy shop.  Some of her popular posts: 

Check out Mandy's blog for crafts, sewing, recipes, photo tips, and more.  Mandy enjoys staying at home with her 4 children and all the fun that comes along with it.  And of course all things crafty.  Popular posts from Mandy:

Fabulous Playroom:

 Jessica with Running With Scissors
Jessica is cheap.  This motivates a lot of her projects to take junk and turn it into something useful.  You'll find sewing, craft, furniture building/ makeovers, decor, and other random projects on her blog.
She is a wife and mom to one toddler son with a little baby girl on the way.

Kalleen with At Second Street
Kalleen is a mother of four who creates to keep herself sane.     She especially enjoys refashioning clothing, cake decorating, throwing parties and celebrating holidays. Here are a few of the posts you'll find on her blog:

Kirstin and Jordan with kojodesigns
This sister team dabbles in all things creative. They love taking everyday items and turning them into something fabulous, aspire to create Amy Atlas-esque dessert tables, and can't resist a good knock off. Jordan can most often be found behind the lens of a camera and Kirstin is absolutely infatuated with her sewing machine... though both would say their favorite title is Mama. 
A few projects you'll find on their blog:

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