Thursday, March 31, 2011

Season 2: Meet the Contestants

I'm so excited to be apart of One Month To Win It!
Hi! I'm Michell from Girl In Air.
These days I no longer work in the air but love every minute staying home with my 19 month old.
I am also a mom to daughters 20 and 18 years old.
Besides entertaining a toddler I love to be creative and write tutorials.
Each project I complete ...I step back and say "Wow! I made that!"
I have this intense desire to inspire.
I hope you stop by Girl In Air and find something that inspires you. 

Hi, I'm Amanda. I'm a mom.....of 5!
When I'm not up to my elbows in laundry, reading
stories, or wiping noses, I like to make stuff.
I have a blog called, "Simply Homemade".
It's a place for me to put my "stuff", tasty recipes,
and random thoughts.

Hey everyone, I'm Jess from Peanut to Princess - a new little blog I started to share my sewing adventures with you all! I'm an Alabama mom to a three year old {going on 23 year old...} little girl and wife to my high school sweetheart. In addition to my most important job of "mom", I work full time as a 6th grade teacher at a local middle school....yep, middle school. I have a crazy busy life {that I adore}...with a little bit of time for crafting every now and then. I have a passion for designing and creating cute clothing for my little one, and I am so very excited to be a participant here at One Month to Win It!

About Tara & Kori, We have been best friend for years and decided sharing a blog, Mom's of All Trades, would be a fun adventure for us to share. We both have 1 kid, Tara a boy, Kori a girl, and both manage to marry the greatest men on the planet! We live in a small towns in Utah and couldn't imagine life anywhere else! Only having our blog for a little over 2 months we are SOOOO Excited to be contestants in OMTWI! Wish us luck ;)

Hi! I'm Vivienne from The V Spot and am so happy to have been selected to compete in One Month To Win It! I am a SAHM/DIYer, married to my High School Sweetie and I started my blog as a way to chronicle the wacky things our FOUR boys do and say (because I am the World's Worst Scrapbooker.) However,through this blog, I've discovered the fun to be had in sharing all of the things that make me happy: family, art & home projects, cooking and a big, healthy dose of smart-assery.

I'm Kelli, a Christian work-at-home-schooling mom to 2 amazing and precious (precocious?) children, and am married to the most wonderful and hilarious man in the world. I enjoy crafting - and occasionally they turn out according to plan, I used to *really* sing but now I just do it for my children and for God, I can't dance at all period the end, and I can make a better mocha coffee than Starbucks. You can check out my blog at A Taylor Fam where I ponder and create things of extreme importance. Eh hem.

Hi, my name is Athena. "Your genuine Talents will lead you to success" these are the words from a fortune cookie that led me to start my crafting journey. I am a full-time college student and a single mother of two amazing girls aged 8 and 9 and I blog over at Goddess of Gifts. Blogging and crafting has become a great outlet and I am so excited to be a contestant.

hi :)
Hi! I'm Jamie, the girl behind C.R.A.F.T.! I Create Really Awesome [mostly] Free Things for your home, wardrobe, kitchen, and kids. I'm a also a full time special education teacher, grad school student, wannabe gardener, fried okra lover, lip gloss connoisseur, and I really don't like olives. Did I mention I love interior design and all things thrifty :) Check out C.R.A.F.T. on facebook and twitter too!

Aloha! I'm Charlie (pink, not blue), and I started my blog, Attempting Aloha, a few months ago after purchasing a serious fixer-upper on the fantabulous island of Oahu. My husband is in residency and pretty much has zero time to help, so I'm breaking out the sledge hammer and power tools and learning to "git 'er done" all by my lonesome. Three girls under age 6 add to the chaos and to the bliss. I call myself a chronic crafter and DIY'er, but I'm learning to kick back a little and live the aloha life. ;)

"Hi! I am Paige, the girl behind Pink Lemonade!
Hi! I am Paige, the girl behind Pink Lemonade ! A little bit about me...
I am 15, I am home schooled, I love Jesus, my family, rosettes, fashion, sewing, and making anything fun and

I am living my dreams through my business and blog!

Hello crafters, my name is Mary and my sewing/crafting blog is Bugglebee Handmade. I'm a stay at home mom to an awesome little boy and a freelance graphic designer. I enjoy sewing, crafting, gardening, photography, baking, looking through other blogs, and working with my husband on our late-1800s home. I also co-host the blog Craft Buds where you can find craft tutorials, blogging tips and ideas for promoting and running your handmade business.

I'm Chris Pickup (yes, that is our last name!) from Pickup Some Creativity. Thirty something, wife to one, mom to four, and some even call me doctor. Crazy huh? Sewing since I was four, I find a lot of joy in creating. My blog is my outlet, a journal of my creating for my kids, and my hope to spark someone else's creativity. I believe creating brings us closer to God if we'll let Him help us.


  1. Good Luck to everyone, You are all very talented ladies!! I'm a little nervous ;)

  2. Nice to meet you all! You ladies are AH-mazingly talented, so er, I'm a little skeeerd. :)
    Happy crafting!

  3. Woohoo! Go Mary and good luck to all season 2 contestants. :)

  4. So excited to be participating! Good luck to everyone!

  5. You all are awesome!! I'm excited....and nervous you'll all do amazing things I'm sure! Good luck!

  6. Nice to meet you all...go Viv! And good luck to everyone!

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