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Season 4 Meet the Contestants

Introducing the contestants for Season 4 of OMTWI!

My name is Michelle, and often go by Mom, Mama, Mother, Moooooooooooooom, and sometimes Ma. I am the Mother of two girls, Falafel and The Bee, and a wife for 15 years and counting. I sew, create, thrift, recycle, parent, problem solve, clean, walk, photograph, and play. My blog is a place to share my journey through Motherhood with creativity: Hand-in-hand.


Hi everyone! My name is Rachael, and I write a home and entertaining blog called LovelyCraftyHome. I live in beautiful Asheville, NC with my husband, brother, dog, and 3 cats- a houseful! In a previous life I was an engineer, but a series of crazy circumstances led me away from that career and into blogging! I love cooking (eating), knitting, keeping my house in a constant state of construction, and learning how not to kill plants. Feel free to visit my little corner of the world anytime!

I'm new to 'blog land' and am excited to share creative and personal inspiration through my blog, "My Wonderfully Made".   I'm encouraged and cheered on in each of MY many endeavors by my fantastically handsome husband of 27 years, Matt and my three adult kids (which includes twin daughters, Sarah and Megan and a soon-to-be married son, Aaron).  And did I say I'm excited to be participating in One Month To Win It?!

My name is Heather and I blog at A Couple of Craft Addicts. My crafting started in middle school at a local bead shop but didn’t start again until I turned into a stay at home mom.  Luckily my sassy little girl shares a deep love for glitter with me.  I don’t have just one favorite – I love painting, sewing, borrowing my husband’s power tools, hot glue gunning, cooking, planning parties, kids crafts, and whatever else I find interesting.  I am so excited to be part of OMTWI!

My name is Tori of Apostrophy Designs. I love
creating things, diet Dr. Pepper, 80's music, and visiting fabric stores. I love my husband,
my Bergalicious, and baby on the way (due Oct), more than anything. I also have a cute little etsy shop.

I'm Shannon, and I have recently started chronicling my craft adventures at  Cluttered Closet.  I'm a mom, science teacher, crafter, and haphazard housewife. I'm blessed to be the mother of to two beastly pre-teen boys and one cuddly puppy.  I have a loving husband who supports my crazed crafting and has even taken up a few projects himself! I'm VERY excited to try and survive the month over at OMTWI!


I'm Crystal from Crystal's Craft Spot.  I love fabric, blogs, yarn, paint, chick flicks, pizza, paper, beads, yard sales, thrift stores, Reese's, Dr. pepper, the color red, and books.   I've been married for almost 7 years to a wonderful guy named Scott and have two adorable little girls, Aubrey (5) and Olivia (3). I am lucky to be a stay at home mom where I fill my day with cooking, cleaning, playing, and crafting.


Hello!  My name is June and I am from Creations by June!  I love to create with whatever medium I have handy.... paper, fabric, paint, wood...  My favorite thing to do is to refinish, re-purpose and re-use what I can!  I have two great boys.. 22 and 17 and a crazy, strange dog that keeps me a wondering what is going on! The perfect day?  creating, caffeine, chocolate and lots of laughter! 

I'm Kimberly, the "me" over at bugaboo, mini, mr & me.  
I'm just an amateur crafter, sewer, scrapper, refurbisher, cook,
baker, snapshotter and professional mommy who's in love with the creative process!
My blog is a chronicle of mistakes. I consider myself proof positive that you don't have
to have the latest and greatest equipment and gadgets to cook, sew and craft - and you
don't have to be a pro to love what you do!

Hi, I’m Angela from Better Together. My sisters and I just recently created our blog in an effort to learn from one another. One sister covers cooking and couponing, another sister instructs us on exercise and nutrition, and I handle the crafting/sewing side of the blog. Hunt2.JPG1 A little about me… I am a recently-retired middle school teacher. Now I am loving my life as a mom to the smiliest/coolest 13 month old that I know (not that I’m biased ;) I love my husband, I love my son, and I love my sewing machine- just about equally.

Hi there! I am Amy from Little Country Bumpkins.I am married to the love of my life and I am also the mother to 7 fantastic kiddos.  I am just learning to sew and I have always loved to craft but mostly I just adore taking care of my silly little family! I could not be more excited to compete on One Month To Win It!


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Hi, I am Maridith with an 'a', from Strictly Homemade. I am the mom to 3 fabulous kids (girl, boy, girl) who reminds me everyday how sweet life truly is!! On my little ol' blog I share with you my love for all things, clothing, crafts, and home decor. I personally love the challenge of making things myself rather then just going out an buying it. Where is the fun in that???
I am thrilled to be here on Season 4 OMTWI. I have been voting since season 1 and hope I measure up to all these other fabulous contestants!!
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