Friday, July 8, 2011

Season 5: Week 2 Results

Week 2 Winner:

5. Zebra Skirt
Amy @ Our Dish

We're so sad to say goodbye this week to:

3. Macarena Tortoise
Ralitsa @ HiHaHo's Stall

7. Animal Crackers

9. Unicorn Costume 

Rundown of each contestants projects who made the cut for Season 5's Top 6:
1. Embroidered Tees
Camille @ Creative Pursuits

2. Junky Birdhouse
Susan @ Homeroad

4. Vintage Circus Pillow 
6. Bear Home

8. Camera Animals 

Come back Sunday to see next week's challenge!


  1. Congratulations, Amy!!! That skirt is brilliant! Can't wait to see what everyone does next week!

  2. How fun! I loved the zebra skirt idea. Fabulous.

    I hate to see people go. The little unicorn was so sweet and the turtle being a family favorite made it special and Lauren's barrel of monkeys tote was so darling.

    I'm with Amy....can't wait to see next week's projects. Lisa~

  3. Thank you ladies! I'm so very, very flattered! This has been quite the challenge up against all of you!