Monday, September 26, 2011

Audition Changes and Rules

A few changes are in the works around here!  So let's talk auditions!  The biggest change is that now the auditions will happen RIGHT HERE on the OMTWI blog!  The next audition day is Monday October 3rd so y'all get your projects ready!  This audition will be for the competition that happens the month of November.  So we will be competing every OTHER month instead of every month as it was before.  A full list of rules can be found anytime on our auditions page...but lets review them just so you can refresh your memory!
Audition Rules:
1)  Link up any one post that shows your crafting talent.  Any post is acceptable -- there are no themes for the auditions.
2)  Post must be recent -- within the past thirty days.
3)  Please use the OMTWI button in your blog post or sidebar.  Or use a text link to OMTWI in your post.  Please note: this is mandatory!

4)  Follow the OMTWI blog via Google Friend Connect or by subscribing to our RSS feed.
5)  Only one link up per person please.
6)  Please make sure your email address is on your blog.  This is the only way we have to contact you! 

7)  You must not have competed in a season of OMTWI before!  If you have been choosen as the top 12 to compete, please do not link up an audition post.  However, if you are a co-contributor to the same blog, a different person (same blog) will be allowed to compete. 
8)  Please note that the audition is to compete for the next month.  You must be able to compete the next month!
10 contestants are choosen via the audition process.  The other TWO contestants are choosen from the audition link up via!  Literally ANYONE can win this competition!  Yes now there will be TWO contestants choosen via RANDOMIZER!!  So that increases YOUR chance to be choosen to compete!   
We have tons of plans in the works!!
Follow along with this blog so you won't miss your chance to be champion! 
Auditions run from October 3rd to October 8th!!  Get your posts ready to link up!!


  1. Okay, I'm going to be gone for a week in November so I should not audition this month, right? I'm dying to try, but I guess I can wait until next season.

  2. Is it open to international contestants too? x