Thursday, October 6, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions -- Ask YOUR question!

Every few months we will put up some FAQ to clear up any confusion you have about the contest!  Feel free to post your questions in the comments and I will update this post with the answers.  If you are wondering, someone else is too!

Question 1:  If I am a contestant, how long do I have to work on my project?
You will be sent a complete list of themes the week after the audition.  That means you have a minimum of 2 weeks to work on your 1st project.  Also since you are sent a complete list of themes, you can work ahead.  So your last project you will have a minimum of 6 weeks to work on it!  Plenty of time to make some jaw dropping projects and go home with a PRIZE!  Plus if you are going away for one week during the competition month, you can work ahead and submit your project before you leave!

Question 2:  Is the contest open to international residents?
Yes we are open to international residents.  ANYONE can win this competition!

Question 3:  How does the audition work?
You can check out all of our audition rules here.  But basically you link up any project that you have made within that last 30 days -- there are no themes for the auditions.  Make sure to follow the rules about linking back to the OMTWI blog!  The 3 resident judges and one guest judge pick their top 10.  Those scores are compiled and 10 contestants are choosen.  Two more contestants are picked using  Those 12 contestants are sent an email detailing the contest themes, dates, plus much more.

Question 4:  How does the weekly voting work?
Each contestant submits a project and it is put up on an anonymous poll.  After the poll ends, the poll numbers are calculated.  Plus each resident judge and a guest judge also vote on their faves.  Who is going home is determined 1/2 by poll and 1/2 by judge's vote.  3 go home each week for 3 weeks -- leaving us with our top 3!  We will try each month to have prizes for the top 3!!

Question 5:  When will contestants be announced?
We will announce contestants the end of the week AFTER auditions.  We give our contestants time to respond to our email before announcing they are competing!

More questions??  Ask them in the comments!!

Have you auditioned yet??  Auditions are happening RIGHT NOW!!  Go and audition today!!

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  1. Thanks for this! I was worried about the Thanksgiving week thing. ;) You've probably already answered this somewhere...but when will the contestants be announced?

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