Saturday, November 19, 2011

Styrofoam craft ideas party

Another week of great projects from our contestants – can you believe all the creativity? Such a great job!


Now it’s your turn to share all your ideas! Remember, you must use Styrofoam in your projects to be able to link them up to this party.


  1. possibilities are limitless!!!!! i have a ton of cones and i will share them with you when they are trees!!! : ) hugs!!!

  2. Hello, Such a unique Party! I will love to check others ideas too, well now I am sharing my 3 Styrofoam creations here..I hope you will Not Mind many enteries:)
    All the Best

  3. Styrofoam sheets are often white-colored irrespective you're going, although some people might planes use shipping and delivery containers which have been created away from Styrofoam and they're environment friendly.

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