Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guest Judge -- Andrea from The Cottage Market

This week's guest judge is also a sponsor!  The fabulous Andrea from The Cottage Market!
Be sure to follow the lovely Andrea for all sorts of DIY tips and tricks, recipes, shabby cottage decor, plus oh so much more!

We had Andrea answer a few questions for us...

1) What tool you couldn't live without?

    Well I hate to be cliche but I have to go with glue gun!  I mean it always seems to be there when you need it and never fails you but I might have to say that it is a tie  with a paint brush : )

2) Where do you craft?
     I have a studio that is dedicated to my crafting. An 8 foot desk that just never seems to be large enough!  Tons of shelves and a big couch (for the dogs : ), chair and TV so everyone comes in to see me!  Then there is a separate section for my computer, printer...etc.  We also converted another bedroom into a craft/storage area...getting organized has never been my forte but I now have a 14 foot wall that holds over 300 Ball Jars filled with fun supplies and another wall that holds my 100's of dishes, candle sticks, vintage dishes and more! There just seems to be supplies everywhere but I have made a promise to me and my family that they never go into the living room : )  I hope to be organized in the next let's say decade!

3) Who/what inspires you?

     Everything inspires me.  My family is always my support and then just everything around me gets my brain moving.  I am an art major and have always been someone that appreciated art if I personally enjoy it or not.  I am a very visual person and just kind of  soak everything in for future use!  I think creating with a purpose is always something that totally inspires me.  Making something for someone special or for a charity really gives things purpose! Of course it is always fun knowing that what you make will make someone smile!

Thanks so much Andrea for judging this week!  If you have not, vote for your fave Styrofoam craft!

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