Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sponsor Shoutout -- DecoArt

This week is DecoArt week here on One Month To Win It!  DecoArt has a huge selection of products for arts, crafts, and home decorating.  The selection of paints alone is impressive.  Paint fabric, glass, metal, wood, furniture, paper, foam, plus much more.  You can view their entire line of products or download a product catalog here.
There are so many other DecoArt products besides paint, they could not all be listed here.  You can explore their website for all the info.  The best part?  If you are not sure how to use a DecoArt product or want more information you can check out their online video library.  Videos are available for a wide variety of their products.  Plus how to videos on various craft projects.  
Speaking of craft projects -- DecoArt has a comprehensive online library of projects.  It is even searchable so you can find the right project for you! 
Stay tuned all this week for DecoArt inspiration and to vote for your favorite craft!  Plus link up your own DecoArt projects on Saturday!

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  1. hi there angie! this is my FAVORITE PAINT!!!! love love love Americana and have been using it more years than i care to admit : ) no one can go wrong with this glorious rich and thick paint!!!