Thursday, January 26, 2012

Furniture Inspiration from our Judges

Time for some furniture inspiration from our judges!  For those of you that have not voted this week, there is still time to vote for your fave furniture project!  Now let's get to the inspiration!  Did you all know that our judge Lisa won OMTWI??  Oh yes!!  This deck furniture sent her over the top....  

Pennington Point -- Deck Furniture

Our other judges have a little furniture inspiration of their own....

Stay tuned as tomorrow the WINNER of season 7 is announced!


  1. The Shabby Creek Cottage Recovered Chair is pretty. I love the color and the design of the chair. I would love my office chair to be as big and as comfortable as this pretty chair.

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  2. Designs like this are a great envy to me, especially since I've designed my house to be pretty much modern-looking.

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  3. It's nice to see great design from simple homes. They all look nice and comfortable to see at home. shoji screen

  4. I like this "The Shabby Creek Cottage -- Farmhouse Table". It looks simple yet very compelling. I also love the table. It seems like very sturdy. Anyway, choosing a furniture can be a tedious task. It really depends on the taste of the buyer. As of this moments, I am looking for the best coffee table that will suit my house. I look forward to buying one of the contemporary coffee tables I saw online.

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  6. These are very cool inspirations of furniture. My favorite is couch from the first picture. It is perfect for the garden or terrace. I'd like to have something similar :). Greetings :)