Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meet Amy from A Nest For All Seasons

1) What tool you couldn't live without?

Underwear. No really...that would be the one thing I really couldn't live without. I would be fashioning a collection of underwear from leaves pronto if I were living in the jungle...but honestly, I would hate to live without my camera. I see life through that lens and it helps my sanity to block out all the weeds in the garden and chaos in my home with that one little piece of glass. I know we were supposed to choose just one, but I would hate to live without my computer and I would have a hard time living without caffeine. OH and my favorite CRAFTING tool? Definitely my good fabric scissors - they make such a difference!

2) Where do you craft?

I have this fabulous IKEA architect's table that I scored off craigslist for a song and it is my "office" desk. Most of my blog photos are taken on that white background with the great afternoon light it gets there. I also spend a whole lot of time crafting on the floor and on the driveway (and on the grass when spray husband gets quite annoyed when I spray paint on the driveway...).

3) Who/what inspires you?

Prepare yourself for the cliches....

#1 is absolutely nature. I totally believe in ecotherapy and there is nothing more inspiring to me than a great childrens garden.
#2 Crazy people. Crazy people like Dupont and Ben Folds and Martha Stewart that just have this need to be artistic and this need to be great. They all started somewhere insignificant and they all just push and push until their art is successful. That totally gets me inspired and motivated.
#3 Materials. I am a materials sort of girl when it comes to projects. I don't think of a project and go out and buy materials. I find materials free or buy super cheap materials and THEY inspire me.

Head over to A Nest for All Seasons and say hi to Amy!

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