Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meet Jenni from Kissed by a Frog

1) What tool you couldn't live without?
There is only one tool I could not live without and that would have to be my computer. It is where I find ideas, connect with other crafters/bloggers, research, etc. I would be totally lost without it! When it comes to crafting I think I could figure out the rest with what I have on hand. I doubt it would look as awesome or be as sturdy without my glue gun but I could make it work like MacGyver.
2) Where do you craft?
You would think that with my new craft room I would do all of my creating in there but, in all honesty, it does not happen that way. I craft/create/design wherever I possibly can!! With 4 kids, we are always on the go, so if I have to squeeze in some crafting time while hiding in (no not on) the potty, I do!
3) Who/what inspires you?
It depends on what I am working on. I usually let the project be my guide. If it works out great, if not then I know it is time to get a new muse. HA. A lot of the little girl projects are inspired by my little princess. She is so girly; I have no idea where she gets it.

Hop over and say hey to Jenni at Kissed by a Frog!

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