Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meet Courtney from Between U & Me

1) What tool couldn't you live without?

That would definitely have to be my hot glue gun. If ever a problem arises, my go-to phrase is, "Just wait,... I can fix that! I'll get my hot glue gun!" Not to mention it's also great for just about any kind of craft!

2) Where do you craft?

I craft just about anywhere my kids can't get their little hands on something they're not supposed to. One day, when one of the munchkins moves out, I'll have a whole room devoted to my craftiness. It's not like I'm secretly counting down the days or anything! ;)

3) Who/what inspires you?

Anything really! I've always got the glittery wheels in my head turning and thinking about my next project or my next-next project! Some of my favorite places to go for inspiration are all the wonderful blogs I follow out there! There are so many gifted and talented bloggers out there!
Stop over at Between U & Me and say hello to Courtney!

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