Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This Week's Judge: Vivienne with The V Spot

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Welcome our judge for the week!  Vivienne with The V Spot!  Viv is a former OMTWI contestant so she is a perfect judge.  Viv mixes humor and crafts into a unique blog that quite frankly rocks my socks!  If you have not had the pleasure of seeing Viv's blog, be sure to follow her right this instant.  I can remember the project she auditioned for OMTWI with.  It is also the project that made my mouth open wide.  The project that made me hit that follow button....  
The Cowhide Dresser is amazing!  You really need to click over and check out the before pics.
Viv also knows how to rock a can of Krylon.  That is why she is the perfect choice for this week's judging.  Check out her latest "31" table....
Viv can even teach you how to make faux mercury glass using Krylon!
Plus we just had to ask Viv some questions to get to know her a little better.

1) What tool you couldn't live without?
I couldn't live without my glue-gun (and I have the scars to prove it!) Free tip: don't get hot glue on your finger then stick your finger in your mouth to cool it. (Don't ask me how I know this.)

2) Where do you craft?
I craft all over the place. I use our dining room table a lot, as well as our kitchen. To my husband's dismay, I turned our side-yard into a Sanford & Son themed spray paint area. (I really need to clean that mess up...)

3) Who/what inspires you?
I can't narrow down just one thing that inspires me. Sometimes I wake up with an idea... Sometimes I will take one look at something in a magazine or store and remember some old craft supply I bought ages ago, and I'll suddenly know what to do with it. But mostly, it's an unwillingness to shell out good money for something that I'm certain I could make myself if I just think about it long enough.

Head on over to The V Spot and check out Viv and all her amazingness!   Don't forget you are the 5th judge!  Vote for YOUR fave Krylon project before the poll ends tomorrow!