Friday, December 9, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions -- Ask your question!

Don't forget you can still audition for One Month To Win It!  Our next season will compete in January -- just link up your project here.  

Don't see your question below?  Check out even more Frequently Asked Questions here.  Still didn't find your answer?  Ask your questions in the comments.  I will update this post with the answer. 

Question 6:  Can I compete in more than one season of One Month To Win It?
At this time, you cannot compete in more than one season.  Stay tuned for an all star edition though!

Question 7:  How can I become a guest judge?
Just drop us an email at stating you would like to guest judge sometime.  We will put you on the list!  Currently we do have a list, but we will get around to ya!

Question 8:  I love a craft I saw in your competition and want more info on how to make it.
Click on the season for the craft you want under archives in our sidebar.  You should find a reveal for the blog that made that craft.  It is best to search their blog or drop them an email to help you. 

Question 9:  Why try out for OMTWI?
This question has many answers.  You get exposure for your blog.  Participating in a craft competition helps to push your creativity to the next level.  You get to know those that are competing against you.  There are prizes for the top three in each season.  But most of all -- it is FUN!

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