Friday, April 29, 2011

Season 2: Finals Results

What a great season, right?!?  I know I'll be following these ladies in blogland - so many great ideas!

The winner of Season 2:

Purse and Clutch by  Mary of  Bugglebee Handmade

2nd place:
Pleated Dress by  Amanda of Simply Homemade

3rd place:
Jewelry Organizer by Vivienne of  The V Spot

Big shout-out to the sponsors, who provided the great prizes:

1st Place:
$25 gift certificate to Amazon or craft supplies store from Sunburnt Cow Handmade Shop
Custom Monogrammed Teddy Bear ($40 value) from Caytee Belle's Classics
$25 gift certificate to Cherished Bliss 

2nd Place:
Bracelet and Earrings ($40 value) from Aztec Art

3rd Place:
$25 gift certificate to Photo Jewelry Making

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Season 3 Meet the contestants

We are so excited to introduce the fabulous ladies who will be competing in Season 3. Visit their sites, give them some love and wish them luck. 

My name is Heather and my little corner of the blog-o-sphere is Twin Dragonfly Designs.  I am a Program Coordinator with a passion for Inspiring Creativity.  If you grab a warm fuzzy blanket, a mug of hot chocolate and browse around awhile you will find;  crazy party ideas, tried and true recipes, epic craft projects and tutorials for just about all of it.  Oh and did I mention?  I have twin, three year old boys {so they're involved in pretty much everything}.

Emilie from Emilie Handmade
Holla Crafters! I'm Emilie and I live in PA with my wonderful Hubbs and am Mom to three children wild monkeys.  I have an unhealthy addiction to.... crafts, Project Runway, crème brûlée, blogging, simple carbohydrates (read: eating in general) and cool indie music. I know every single word to every single song on the ABBA Gold album. It's a crowning achievement of my life and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Come visit me anytime at Emilie Handmade.

Taylor from Taylor Made
Hi, I am Taylor from Taylor Made. I am lucky to be surrounded by cute boys, my sons Finn and Clyde and my husband Bryan. I graduated college with a degree in Costume Design (yes that is a real degree) then became a Teacher, now I am a stay-at-home Mommy. I love painting, re-doing my house, sewing, taking pictures, cooking and making stuff for my boys.

Hello! My name is Lois but most of the time I go by "Auntie Lolo". I am the proud Aunt to 12 kids and I love making things for them! My husband Doug not only puts up with my crafts but is my biggest fan. I started my blog Auntie Lolo Crafts as a way to keep up with all the great crafting ideas I see. Feel free to swing by and check it out for lots of inspiration!

Emily from Homemade{lovely}
Hi! I'm Emily from Homemade{lovely}. I have been married to my best friend for almost five years and have a beautiful 11 month old daughter. I love to cook, sew, craft, and garden. I think everything is lovelier when it is homemade. I am so excited to participate in One Month To Win It.

Hi! I'm Jaime from Polkadots on Parade!
I live a life full of family, food, and everyday adventures!
In my spare time I like to indulge my addiction to fabric, chocolate, and naps!
I'm so excited to be a part of this crafty competition!!

Alexis from Persia Lou
Hi! I'm Alexis, a lifelong crafter and brand new blogger, and I am so so so excited to be participating in One Month to Win It!. I love trying out new crafts, but I always seem to come back to sewing and crochet. You can see what I've been working on over at Persia Lou

Jill from mama jill
Hey there! My name is Jill. I'm the blogger behind mama jill.
I am a mommy of 2 boys (my own and my hubby's son)
My blog is filled with crafty tutorials and a little bit of funny ramblings here and there. :-P
I am so excited to be apart of OMTWI that I could just pee my pants!
Feel free to stop by sometime. :-D

Cami from tidbits
I love it when someone challenges me to make something, so I was very excited to hear I'd been selected as one of the next contestants! Being a mommy to three girls, I tend to get stuck in a rut to only make things for them. I'm looking forward to challenges that will make me think out of the box. As you may assume, I love to decorate, scrapbook digitally, blog, cook, do crafts with my kids, teach, re-purpose, and most of all, sew. That's the majority of what you will find on my blog, tidbits. Head on over to see what I have done, and hopefully I can come up with more inspiration for this competition. Can't wait!

Amy and Emily from Sisters of the Wild West
We are so excited to be a part of Season 3 of One Month to Win It.  
HI!!  We are Amy and Emily . We are Sisters of the Wild West.  
We are newbies to the blog world. We have 11 kids between us, and they are all 12 and under. 
CRAZY!  So... to keep our sanity we love to craft and create any chance
we get...especially when we are together! Please stop by and check us out!

Susan from Soozie's Cutie Patooties

Hi!  My name is Susan and I have the blog Soozie's Cutie Patooties where you can find a little something of everything.  I tend to have crafting ADD and skip around from project to project using different media and techniques.  Which means that you can find crochet, knit, jewelry, cooking/baking, and whatever else I decide to give a try.  I'm going back to school (after once celebrating never having to take another test again) to become an RN.  All of which is closely supervised my puppies Popcorn and Peanut.

Heather from Me Making Do
Hi! I'm Heather from Me Making Do. I am a SAHM who lovse to craft. I'm always trying to create something with items I already have on hand or that cost very little. I married my best friend who had three kids and I had three kids and together we had one. Even though the oldest of our bunch is off and married, our house is still a zoo, but we love it!

Season 3 starts this Monday. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Season 2: Week 4 - Clothing Repurpose

Eek!! it's the finals!  Here are the projects from our final 3 contestants:

Pleated Dress
Re-purposing things makes me happy. For one, it's a super cheap way to go.
And second, it's just satisfying to turn a yucky old something into a useful
new something. Happy. I've been needing/wanting a new dress so when I
found this ginormous button-up shirt my project was born....(so to speak)
I wanted it to be somewhat billowy
so that I could cinch it with a belt so I cut above the bust line and added some
pleats. Then to add just a hair more length I added a bit of vintage blue and
white floral cotton. I was amazed that it matched so perfectly........
I've had the fabric for years!

ps. Thank you lovely model. I will make you a bag for your efforts....or some cookies!

Purse and Clutch
First, I'm so excited to be in the last round! It's been so fun to see what all these talented ladies have come up with for the theme each week and thanks to everyone who has been voting. This week's "refashion" theme was a lot of fun. I decided I wanted to take an item of clothing and turn it into something completely new and different. I've always been impressed by the little details put into clothing so I created a purse and clutch using as many of those details as I could.

First I purchased this men's XL shirt at a thrift store because I liked the pearl buttons and the front pockets. Then I designed a pattern that would complement the shirt design and the amount of fabric I had to work with. In the photos below you can see where I cut apart the sleeves and the front and back of the shirt. I also used a contrasting fabric for lining the strap and interior, and cut some fusible fleece to give the bag some extra stability. Then I sewed all my pieces together!

Below shows the bag all put together. I tried to use as much of the shirt as possible so here's a list of where the pieces came from: 1. The two shirt cuffs sewn together. 2. The top back of the shirt. 3. The pockets from the front of the shirt. 4. An interior buttoned pocket made from the placket of buttons on the front of the shirt. 5. Strap is made from both sleeves with the button from near the cuff. 6. The lower back of the shirt. And the best part? The entire project cost less than $5!

Jewelry Organizer
I had all sorts of wacky ideas for this week's challenge. Unfortunately all of my ideas were outside the scope of my particular skill set.
I learned a lesson about myself this week: If I try to do something based on how I think someone else would do it... it doesn't work. I learned that my real creativity doesn't really kick in until I am trying to solve a problem.

And I created lots of problems....
#1) I took a perfectly good dress, hacked off the bottom third, then cut it up the middle, thinking I would make it into a short sleeve cardigan or add cute embellishments or something. FAIL.
#2 and #3) I took a perfectly good pair of shoes, drew cheetah patterns on them with Sharpies and planned to glue tiny beads all over them. EPIC FAIL.
#4) I took an innocent wooden chicken and had plans to glue an argyle sweater all over him. (Fortunately my husband came home and saved the chicken. And the sweater.)#5) I found a broken hair clip I had been meaning to try to fix.
#6) I found a tiny frame that had been floating around in my craft supplies.
(Not shown: The necklace I ruined while trying to cannibalize it in order to make a new necklace.)

I surveyed the damage and realized all I had to show for my time was a pile of dress fabric, a ruined pair of shoes, a tangle of jewelry ...and a traumatized chicken.

Then it hit me: a way to use the dress and the broken hair clip, and to organize the jewelry.**
I made a jewelry organizer/wall art.
I took the little frame and painted it black, then put a silver wash over it. Then I tucked some of the black dress fabric into it. I did the same thing for tall frame that had held a photo collage. I took the cardboard from the back and wrapped it in the rest of the dress fabric.
I hot glued the flower from the broken hair clip into the little frame, then secured the little frame inside the big frame with floral pins. I used the floral pins to hang some of my favorite turquoise silver costume jewelry pieces. Because it's color coordinated, it doesn't look chaotic to my eye.

This contest has been a fun experience, and I am thankful for the opportunity!
(**the shoes are headed for the trash, and the chicken is currently in therapy.)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Season 2: Week 4 - THEME - Clothing Repurpose

This week it's the finals!!  The theme will be "Refashion - redo an article of clothing/accessory to give it new life" - -

Check back tomorrow to see what the contestants came up with - for now, some projects to get you thinking about the theme:

Running With Scissors:

At Second Street:

The Country Chic Cottage:

Sugar Bee Crafts:

Friday, April 22, 2011

Season 2: Week 3 - Outdoor Craft - RESULTS

It was a close one this week!!

The winner of Outdoor Crafts:
Blue Twig Chandelier by Vivienne of  The V Spot

And the other two finalists (in random order) that Made the Cut:

Plant Stand/Table by Amanda of Simply Homemade

Picnic Blanket by Mary of  Bugglebee Handmade

As always, sorry to see these great ladies leave us (in random order):

House Numbers by Michell of Girl In Air

Picnic Bench by Tara and Kori of Mom's of All Trades

Coffee Table by Charlie of Attempting Aloha

Stay tuned to see who will be competing in Season 3 and to find out the theme for the finals of Season 2!