about the game

Welcome to One Month To Win It! 
The monthly crafting competition that anyone can win! 

Are you ready to audition?  Check out our audition schedule for the next audition time and place.  Auditions will be via a linky party on this blog.  Auditions are held the month before the competition begins.  See the sidebar for more information on the schedule. 

The judges will pick 10 contestants from the auditions.  The 11th and 12th contestant (aka The Wild Cards) will be choosen via randomizer.org.  Yes, literally ANYONE can win this competition!   Contestants will be notified via email and given the challenges for the month. 

Each week three contestants are voted out.  Half the score will come from an open poll on One Month To Win It.  The other half of the score will come from the judges

30 days
12 crafters
1 champion
One Month To Win It