Monday, October 31, 2011

Krylon Inspiration

Time for a little inspiration from around blog land!  These ladies rocked their cans of Krylon!  Our contestants will be rocking their cans tomorrow!  Your turn comes Saturday...come back here and link your Krylon projects on Saturday.  Come back tomorrow for voting.  Plus later this week the judges will show off their Krylon. 

We are on pins and needles for tomorrow's vote!  Y'all don't miss it!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sponsor Shoutout -- Krylon

This week is Krylon week!  Get ready for some great spray paint inspiration.  I am sure you know what Krylon is....but just in case.... 
Krylon is known for its commitment as an industry leader in product innovation, package design, project inspiration and color. The range of products includes multi-purpose, plastic, specialty, rust preventative, brush-on and craft products.
Some awesome products to check out...

Check out their website Your Holiday Style for some great project ideas this holiday season!  Be sure to submit all your projects to the My Project Vault.  Krylon just might feature you!  How awesome would that be?
So break out your spray paint, link up Saturday right here on One Month To Win It!  Don't have a project idea in mind?  Stay tuned all week right here for inspiration.  Or check out the great inspiration on the Krylon website.
A special thanks to Krylon for their sponsorship this season of OMTWI!  

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Meet Jaime from Crafty, Scrappy, Happy

1) What tool you couldn't live without?

Shoot this question is hard for me, I love sooo many crafty "tools" buttt if I had to choose my favorite hummmm chalk paint yesss chalk paint is my favorite crafting "tool"!

2) Where do you craft?

So, the obvious answer to this question would be my wonderful craft room (I am super super spoiled to have a room dedicated all to my projects....). Butttt if I was honest I would have to say that a large majority of my crafts are done on the living room floor right in front of the TV (with hubbie on the couch behind me).

3) Who/what inspires you?

And when it comes to inspiration I would have to say that decorating on a budget is what inspires me to create and craft!
Anddd Pottery Barn most definitely inspired me as well... shoot that place is amazing!

Pop over to Crafty, Scrappy, Happy and say hey to Jaime!