Friday, October 21, 2011

Meet Michelle from Prudently Painted Vintage

1) What one tool couldn't you live without?

The one tool I couldn't live with out would have to be my power sander. A girl needs to sand things fast(er). Have you ever sanded by hand?? No fun!

2) Where do you craft?

I mainly craft in my kitchen, unless it's super messy/stinky/large and then it would be my garage.

3) Who/what is your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from many places. I really love Pottery Barn, Ballards, and Restoration Hardware magazines. Thank you for sending me these, even though I like never order anything. No hard feelings okay?!

Thanks so much for having me in this contest! Super excited!!

Pop on over to Prudently Painted Vintage and say hello to Michelle!

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